48 Laws of Spiritual Power

A fascinating look at what will increase spiritual power in your life and ministry. In 48 Laws of Spiritual Power, best-selling author Frank Viola lays out the unchanging principles of tapping into God’s power and releasing it to serve others.

These laws are based on over thirty years of ministry experience―trench-tested in Frank’s life and the lives of others who have spent decades in ministry. Though these laws may seem counterintuitive and uncommon, they will equip you to look for God’s power in your ministry.

In short, digestible chapters packed with secrets of effective and impactful ministry, 48 Laws of Spiritual Power will equip you with what you need for your ministry to thrive. With straight-to-the-point insights, the book provides a unique perspective on God’s work and practical tools for overcoming the inevitable hardships that are part of any ministry.

48 Laws of Spiritual Power will:

  • Help you access God’s power in your personal life and release it in the lives of others
  • Introduce you to uncommon wisdom that is rarely talked about in seminary or Bible college
  • Give you a fresh look at how to transform your ministry with the power God is ready to grant you

The key to effective ministry is God’s power.

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The Gospel of the Kingdom! Join the Insurgence

What Pagan Christianity did in redefining and revolutionizing “church,” Insurgence does in redefining and revolutionizing “kingdom.” This is a daunting, engrossing powerhouse that’s accessible to all audiences. I predict it will become one of the author’s most iconic works and the new benchmark on the kingdom of God. Penetrating and full of insight. Revolutionary from start to finish, Insurgence astonishes and delivers. A masterstroke of spiritual genius.

– Christian Book Reviews

Frank Viola Author Resource Page

Here’s a Resource Guide to Frank Viola, author.

Amazon Book List

Frank Viola Author

In a previous blog post, we introduced readers to the literary work of Frank Viola Author. It explored the categories in which he divided his work, as well as short summaries providing details on what you should read next. We now want to point to another resource available for you, this one from Amazon. A quick visit to this link reveals a detailed book list, complete with reviews (most of which are four and a half, or five stars) and links to each individual work. Let’s take a look at some of author Frank Viola’s best reviewed work.

Frank Viola, author devotes his writing talent to Jesus.

  • First up we have Jesus Now: Unveiling the Present Day Ministry of Christ, which also happens to be his newest and most popular (on Amazon, at least) body of work. It also includes an impressive foreword by Leonard Sweet. The book itself tackles the ever important question, “If Jesus ascended into heaven so many years ago, exactly what is he doing today- right now?” Jesus led a life of example, constantly and selflessly helping and healing others. Within Jesus Now, the reader will discover the ways in which Christ works through us, and how his ministry benefits the saved and unsaved alike. It carries a five star rating on Amazon.
  • Jesus Manifesto: Restoring the Supremacy and Sovereignty of Jesus Christ is another popular work, and a collaboration between Viola and Leonard Sweet. This book is an excellent roadmap and passionate exhortation to the restoration of the supremacy of Christ. It does indeed shed light on the belief and worship of Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, but it ultimately aims to go deeper than that. It asserts that Christianity has been made about so much more than it’s namesake; that many believer are aware of Jesus without actually knowing him. This knowledge is integral to the work, aiming to reveal Jesus as the ultimate end all be all. You should never judge a book by it’s cover, but it’s worth noting that the cover art for this book features two letters: Alpha and Omega. These are first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet, the lingua franca of Jesus’s time, connecting Him to his position of Beginning and End. It currently holds a 4.5 rating from over 300 reviewers.
  • Last on this list, we have From Eternity to Here, a book that contains a series of vignettes that illustrates a different aspect of God’s love and plan for humanity. The stories run across biblical chronology, from the first book, Genesis; to the last, Revelation. When read individually, they are amazing illustrations of scriptural applications that run deep with themes of powerful divinity and Providence. Together, they reveal light on the mission of God. It currently carries a 5.0 rating on Amazon.

The Bridegroom’s Desire

Frank Viola author talks about the Bridegroom in his best-selling book, Jesus Now. Here’s an excerpt.

As the bride of Christ, the church is called to commune with, love, enthrone, and intimately know the heavenly bridegroom who indwells her.

Churches that excel in the bridal dimension give time and attention to spiritual fellowship with the Lord. Worship is a priority.

Seeking the Lord, loving Him, communing with Him, and just spending time with Him are central to His heart.

This dimension of the church can be seen as the engine that drives all of the church’s activities. It is love from Christ and for Christ that is the church’s motivation, energy, and life.

The Lord Jesus, as our heavenly bridegroom, doesn’t see His church as a work force. He wants lovers, not just helpers. Companions, not just servants.

The bridal dimension of the church is central to the church’s life and mission.

Preparing the Bride

God the Father has been orchestrating history to prepare Christ’s bride for marriage and reigning.

Each generation is working for the next. Every time a group of Christians and individual believers touch the heart of God and stand for His eternal purpose in the earth, a little bit of gold, pearl, and precious stone is deposited in the New Jerusalem for the building of God’s eternal home.

One day, the bride will be prepared, and she will become the Lord’s wife.

A compelling case can be made that God’s greatest desire is to be known and loved. And He has woven this same desire in the heart of every human. Herein do we find the longing of Jesus as our heavenly bridegroom and our high calling as His bride.

How Important Is She?

The bride of Christ appears all throughout the Scriptures, from Genesis (in type and shadow) to Revelation. For example:

She (the church) appears in the opening pages of holy Scripture, and she reappears at the very end. (Eve in Genesis 2 and the bride in Revelation 22.)

Your Lord and my Lord is consumed with a zeal that eats Him up for her. Jesus Christ gave His life for her and forsook everything to have her. (Ephesians 5:25 says that Christ gave Himself for the church. She’s the pearl of great price, hid in God from before the ages.)

Jesus Christ sees Himself as indistinguishable from her. She is bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh, His very body on earth (Matt. 25:40, 45; Acts 9:1–5).

She’s the fiancée of the Son of God, and He’s waiting to marry her.

Paul said in effect, “You, the body of Christ in Corinth, are the corporate Christ” (1 Cor. 12:12, 27; see also 1:12–13; 6:15; 8:12).

The very last words of Scripture are uttered by the bride: “The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’”

She’s the wife of the Lamb. His partner for eternity.

She is at the very center of the mystery of the ages that Paul unveiled in Colossians and Ephesians.

The ekklesia is God’s eternal purpose. From before creation, He has wanted a bride, a house, a family, and a body (a visible expression). That was His original intention.

From the beginning, God the Father has wanted a corporate expression of Himself to reveal the beauty of His Son. He desired to have a counterpart for His Son. Why was Eve made? For Adam, to be his counterpart.

Thus the church is not only important but the most important thing to God that exists.

She’s His girl.

When a man falls in love with a woman, there is nothing more important to him than that girl. That’s a picture of the passion your Lord has for you.

Therefore, a large part of Christ’s ministry today is to love, cherish, protect, and perfect His bride. And He desires that she return that love back to Him.

Frank Viola Author’s Book Catalog

Written by Donald Stevenson.

Viola’s work has been rightly described as a meticulous collection of light and shade.

Jesus Now – Viola’s 2014 release exploring the present-day ministry of Christ. A CBA best-seller, Jesus Now is a uniquely blended composition forging a creative exposition of the seven ministries of Jesus today. A fresh offering in a neglected genre and subject. Ground-breaking and sod-turning, written with stringent clarity and balance. “Tight but loose” describes this volume well.

God’s Favorite Place on Earth – Viola’s crowning achievement, released in 2013. A new kind of Christian literature called biblical narrative. The book broke new ground in forming an exotic stew of historical fiction, spiritual prose, and practical application. Spellbinding and unchartered, profound and moving, poetic and electrifying, the book marks the apex of Viola’s evolution as a writer. Laced with exquisite writing and sophisticated theological concepts woven into story, God’s Favorite Place is a stunningly elegant, magnificent and brilliant piece of work, a towering triumph in spiritual literature.

Jesus: A Theography – Released in 2012, Viola teams up with Leonard Sweet again to create a majestic, magisterial, astonishing tome that unfolds the Jesus story throughout the entire Bible. The book contains plenty of the old magic that is found in Jesus Manifesto, but it’s heavier, more crushing, pulsating and robust work. Viola’s rousing chapter on what Christ was doing before creation charts entirely new directions. Sweet’s chapter on the micro-view of the Genesis creation is a beautifully written lyric. The two literary titans have given the Christian audience another unique look at Jesus.

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